Download Adaptation software

Software Download

  • Base CD: The Base CD contains the core application for all reprogramming functions. This CD is make independent.
    Note: Install the Base CD before installing the Brand CD.

  • Brand CD: The Brand CD includes make specific content.

Click on the icon to download the Base and Brand CDs. Once the download is completed, follow the installation instructions.


Base CD
Adaptation Functions, base data V19.5
Brand CD
Adaptation Functions, brand data Volkswagen version V19.13

CD Version Information

The major versions of the Base and Brand CDs must match when installing an update. Verify that both CDs have the same major version.

Note: Click on ’Show Previous Versions’ to display previous versions of the Base CD.


  • Incompatible Versions:
    • Base CD V15.1
    • Brand CD V16.3
  • Compatible Versions:
    • Base CD V16.1
    • Brand CD V16.3


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